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Isacord threads (german made) are now available to the domestic craft market in New Zealand.

Isacord is Currently available in 336 vibrant colous. This range is extended further with 9 Neon colours, all supplied on 1000 metre Mini King spools.

Most retail threads come in a 200 metre spools, often, only enough for 2 or 3 embroideries.

From the manufacturer..........

ISACORD is the universal machine embroidery thread for a wide range of applications.  Produced from high-sheen, top quality trilobal polyester, this thread combines sheen and softness with high tensile strength and excellent colour fastness.  ISACORD works especially well for heavy-duty textiles, such as work clothing, uniforms, sportswear, jeans, gastronomy wear and leather.

  • The intensive washing processes associated with these textiles, such as chlorine bleaching according to ISO 105N1, can be undergone without difficulty by embroidered work using ISACORD.
  • The excellent high abrasion resistance of ISACORD gives your embroidery an extremely long life.
  • High tensile strength, properly matched to the optimum elongation of ISACORD, guarantees excellent efficiency for today’s high speed machines.
  • A unique “Snap Down” base and kingspool design prevents thread loss and provides for easy storage.

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